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Having fun with blogging!

I have been having such fun this week blogging with a group of very enthusiastic elementary students in my school.  I happened to see a class project they were working on laying on my principal's desk one day.  It was a paper "blog" about things that were going on their classroom.  I immediately saw an… Continue reading Having fun with blogging!

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Educational gaming…a hot educational topic?

If I thought my brain was exploding before, it certainly is now.  I was unable to make a connection on Tuesday night to Elluminate and so I had to listen to the recorded version this morning.  Sylvia Martinez certainly gave me some food for thought.  I am not a gamer!  I really have a strong… Continue reading Educational gaming…a hot educational topic?

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Making the Shift

It seems to me that everything is changing on the education front in Saskatchewan right now!  I am a relative newcomer to the province, but I have never before experienced so many educational changes at one time.  My mind is constantly spinning with all of the new ideas and the things I want to implement… Continue reading Making the Shift

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So many tools…so little time?

I couldn't help but think that laying on my bed in my flannel pjs  watching very cool digital stories last Tuesday was a great way to spend an evening.  Once again I walked away with so many new ideas and so many new tools at my finger tips. On Wednesday I left for Saskatoon to… Continue reading So many tools…so little time?

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How can we close the gap?

I seem to be hovering somewhere between excitement about what I am learning and considering each week and a slight feeling of  confusion and panic.  The excitement comes from my desire to take in all of the new ideas and try to consider ways that I can change my own mindset about learning so that… Continue reading How can we close the gap?