Finished and Reflecting

I have had a few exciting things happen lately and I am not sure where to start.  First and foremost, I am finished my Master’s Degree.  I can’t decide how I should feel about it.  Should I be so relieved that I am jumping up and down, should I be proud of such a big accomplishment or should I be feeling sad that my journey is over.  For right now I am feeling a combination of the three.  I had no idea that it would change my philosophy of teaching as much as it has or turn me into such a reflective practitioner. I can’t wait to see what is next.  I even find myself thinking that I could take a second Master’s Degree…Whoa now! Slow down!

The second exciting thing I want to talk about is the opportunity I had to attend the Saskatchewan IT Conference in Saskatoon this week.  I consider myself very lucky to get to attend and I came home with that familiar feeling of passion and excitement.  As I listened to Michael Wesch speak of opening up worlds to our students, posing questions, allowing and challenging them to be creative and do something about the things that are going on in the world, I couldn’t help but reflect back on my school year.  Have I really allowed my students to be in control of their own learning?  Have I challenged them with questions that take them beyond Google?  Have I opened my staff up to new thinking and supported them in ways that would allow them to change their traditional ideas about education?

I am not sure where this year has gone, but as it draws to a close, I hope I can feel confident that I have accomplished at least some of what I wanted to this year and look forward to handing more over to my students and my staff next year and taking my spot behind the stage and not on it.