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Day in the Life of a Principal-Day 2

It is Tuesday, November 11 and I arrive at the school around 7:15 am.  I always try to arrive early because I can get a lot more done when the school is quiet.  It is vertical day today (student leadership groups) so the first thing I do is start making a list of tasks for each group to work on during our vertical time.  I then worked on my Monday Morning Memo (Tuesday in this case, because we did not have school yesterday.  I try to send out an email at the beginning of every week full of information items so we do not have to spend time at staff meetings with so much information and we will have more time for professional development.  I get the coffee going in the staff room and write a message on the board letting the staff know who is away and reminding them about the pep rally.  I also had to make sure things were ready for the pep rally, we were having first thing and had to find my Ghost Team members to read out the names of the players and coaches.  (The ghost team is what my spirit team members called themselves when I gave them a hard time about their non-creative name-can’t really fault them now)

8:35– First thing on Monday morning and at the end of the day on Friday I play music over the sound system.  I threw some music on, but soon moved it down to the gym to play “Who Let the Dogs Out?” for our pep rally.  Supervised the singing of O’ Canada and helping one of my Team School Presidents read the announcements. I try to act as peppy as I can to get things pumped up at the pep rally.  Thanks goodness for our younger students, because our older students can sometimes be too cool for school!  As soon as the pep rally was finished I headed back through the office on my way to my first class, just in time to introduce myself to a new family registering for school.

9:25– I finished up with my social studies 8 class and went off to teach social studies 6.  We had lots of catch up work to do and moved quickly to the computer lab.  I spent the class moving from student to student helping them finish up things I need for report card assessments and monitoring the students that had moved on to our next project.

10:10-Our school division IT security person dropped in with my laptop he had taken last week because of a virus or two I had picked up while trying to find a creative commons picture to post on my blog. Who knew… He wanted to meet with me,  but I had to find him a flash drive and head off to get ready for grade 6-8 vertical that would be starting right after recess.

10:25– Vertical- what can I say…70 middle year’s students, 2 teachers, 8 teams of kids working on different tasks, 45 minutes.  Middle-year’s leadership-so important-but a lot of work!

11:15-Checked in on my canteen team to see how they were doing with counting the money for our hot lunch which is coming up and then off to relieve the grade 5 teacher so she could leave early for a professional development opportunity.  The grade 5’s were great and the time passed quickly as they worked on a math assignment.

12:00-Back to the office just in time to meet another family registering a kindergarten student.  I even got to sit down and eat my lunch today in the staff room!  That is quite unheard of, because I often have to do a lot of noon hour supervision.  A day off is a nice change.

12:30-Back to my office after checking in the computer lab to see if any of my grade 6 students had shown up for noon tutorial-no such luck.

1:00-Afternoon announcements, dealing with after lunch discipline issues and my student support team is waiting for a meeting.  It is nice to touch base with them and check in on the learning needs of some of our students.

1:30– Out to the playground to check on a problem with our new playground structure and take some pictures to send off to our installer.  Answered some emails and dealt with some discipline coming through the office, took a picture of a Rider Pride display our Benchwarmer team had put up in the gym in preparation cheering the Saskatchewan Roughriders on to the Grey Cup.  I would tweet that picture out later on the school twitter account.  Grade 1 had phys-ed at that time so I had some fun with them before I left the gym.

2:30-Returned some phone calls and helped cool down a very angry first grader and then shortly after spent some time with the frustrated teacher of the very angry first grader.  By now the first grader had fallen asleep in the office which might explain why he was so angry.

3:05-Woke him up and took him to the bus, bus supervision where I get to end each school day with hugs from my younger students-love it!  One of the safety patrollers was not there for some reason, so I filled in at the corner.  Everyone safely off to home,  so I went back to my office to try and make sense of my desk and see if I could get through my emails that had piled up during the day.

6:15 pm– Just leaving the school now.  Went through a bunch of material that had been emailed out today in preparation for our administrator meeting tomorrow, found a stack of books we were asked to bring, went through all the emails my leadership team members had sent me today with pictures and plans they had made, sent off a picture of our school and write up to a global teen challenge my students are going to participate in and  took some phone calls.  I did not however get planned for my sub tomorrow or get to a number of other things on my list.

Oh well, the sub planning can happen tonight and tomorrow is another day to work on that list.

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