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Week in the Life of a Principal-Day 4

Thursday, November 14

7:00- I came out this morning to rain which seems weird considering I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and it should be snowing.  I arrived at the school with the usual things on my mind. I wanted to get my day organized, work through the emails that I had ignored at the end of the day yesterday, and make a list of the students that I needed to see this morning.

8:15- Week at a glance meeting.  Every Thursday morning we meet as a staff and make a calendar for the upcoming week to send out to our families.  They can be mini-staff meetings and we usually have a couple of laughs together-not a bad way to start the day.

8:40-Morning announcements and off to teach social studies to grade 8.  Our grade 7/8 boys and girls volleyball teams had district tournaments today so I had a small class.  We did our 2 minute news podcast to see what was going on in the world and then decided to have a small competition in groups to see how much we remembered about social studies topics.

9:25-I started seeing students.  I had some students to see from yesterday’s escapades when I was away at my meeting and some other students that I needed to check in with, but had not had time.  I only ask three things of students that are brought to my office for discipline reasons-be straight up (be honest), own your part and do what you can to fix it.  I try to keep my language simple and my expectations high but reasonable.  I managed to see 6 students and talk to 2 parents and one classroom teacher before noon. When the school division security person returned with my laptop, and needed my desk,  I just moved into the vice-principal’s office and carried on.

12:00- I am on lunch supervision in the 3-5 lunchroom.  I check on my middle years students in our canteen and try to find the 6-8 lunch supervisor to tell her that I will be sending a younger student her way to walk the playground and then I head down to see what my grade 3-5 students were up to.  All was pretty quiet-only one lunch was accidentally spilled.  We headed outside to play until 12:50.

1:00- Inside again to do afternoon announcements and then back to grade 8 for career education and then grade 6 health.

2:10-I needed a coffee and believe it or not I had not gone to the washroom yet today!  I ran quickly out to the playground to check on my little runner only to find he was not running, but standing to visit with some friends.  I walked out to speak to him and then back in to sit down for a moment.

2:25-When I got back to my office after recess, a crying student was waiting for me on the couch.  I asked him to come into the office so I could find out what was wrong.  He explained what had happened on the playground and I decided to get the other student out of class and have them talk it out.  By this time I only had time to quickly send an email and then head outside for after school bus supervision.

3:20-Heading back to my office.  I had phone calls to return and I had to wonder who made the big mess on my desk…that would be me.  I spent the next 2 hours answering emails, filing discipline sheets both electronic and paper, cleaning my desk and organizing my day tomorrow.  We had a computer refresh this fall and so our school division allows us to give away the older computers to families from our school community.  I photocopied some more computer request forms and went through the ones I already had.  I will start handing them out in the morning.

5:30-I left the building to meet a friend at the indoor track for a quick walk and visit before home.  I took the hot lunch orders with me to organize so we can put in some food orders tomorrow.

Crossing my fingers for a good nights sleep tonight!

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