We Need You…


It is nice to be back to a sense of calm after what seems like two weeks of frantic meeting of deadlines and obligations.  Report card prep, reading through the reports and student led conferences are rewarding but exhausting activities.  I am forever in awe of my staff who takes it in their stride and always manages to finish the process with sharing stories of success that lie behind why we all continue to teach-student success and parent appreciation of our efforts.

I spent our two nights of conferences visiting with parents and touching base with as many middle-years parents as a could.  I do not usually meet with parents individually in my office on conference night unless the request comes from them, but this year I am wrestling with how to bring down a level of chaos and disrespect that is building in our middle years.  Earlier in the week I spent time talking with students and listening to their perspective about what was happening in our school.  I think it is important for students to know that the principal wants to listen to them and takes their input seriously.  I found out some very interesting things and was pleased at the maturity and insight of most of the students that I talked to.

I had many good visits with parents last week as I explained some of the things the students and teachers has expressed to me, as well as some of the things I have observed.  It is nice to be reassured that most of our parents were concerned and wanted to help in any way they could, just as I expected they would be.  I expressed to them that the best way they could help us was through supporting and being involved with their child.

I am a strong believer in teamwork when it comes to the growth and learning of children.  The stronger the team between school and home the better chance our students have to grow and develop into the confident, caring and informed change makers our world needs to have. Although we do not need research to tell us this, extensive research has shown the direct correlation between parent involvement and student success.

We all know we cannot change what has already happened.  It is the same as spending too much of our precious energy trying to control what we cannot control.  We need to concentrate on being present and creating change that will have a positive affect on the here and now and benefit our students going forward.

So I guess I just want our student`s parents to know how much we appreciate the effort they put in to the creation of our team.  Do not ever be afraid to question, to bring forth concerns or to offer your help and perspectives.  We need you to continue to be involved and we appreciate the things you do.