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Getting Better At What We Do

I spend a lot of time thinking about improvement. Mostly about how I can improve my teaching and leadership and hopefully, in some way, have some influence on improvement in in our school and our system. Right now I am reading "Effective Supervision" by Marzano, Frontier and Livingston. The basis of the book is about… Continue reading Getting Better At What We Do


What Kids Need to Know…

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Meeting the Needs of Teachers

I spent my Friday meeting with most of my teachers for the mid year check in of their professional growth plans.  It was a great way to spend the day and I love spending time getting to know my staff.  We rarely have opportunities that are not rushed or focused on too many things.  We talked… Continue reading Meeting the Needs of Teachers

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Creating a Blueprint for Learning

I spent some time yesterday at our school professional development day talking with part of my staff about possible changes we could make to our timetable to accommodate more projects, more cross-curricular connections and more blocks of uninterrupted time with our students. I am very lucky to have an innovative staff that always works hard to do what… Continue reading Creating a Blueprint for Learning