#oneword2018, Positive Thinking, Reflection



So many great words…what should I choose?

After much thought and consideration, I have picked what I consider the perfect #oneword for my 2018.  The word I picked is “renew.”

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “renew” as “to make like new: to restore freshness, vigor or perfection.  One of the reasons I picked the word “renew” is because I am at what I consider to be a  weird crossroads in my life between full-time motherhood and an empty nest and at work, I am no longer a new or developing teacher, rather I can clearly see retirement when I look into the future.

Neither one of these things seem like a reason to coast, but rather a reason to start fresh and “renew.”  As many of you know the years we spend raising our children are the most rewarding, stressful, and wonderful years.  Many times as my children were growing I would wish for a moment to myself and of course, just one good night’s sleep.

Now that they are all venturing into their future education and on to careers, I have plenty of time on my hands.  Maybe not the sleep part yet, but who knows, that might come as well.

I have never been an educator satisfied with the status quo.  At every stage of my career, I was always seeking a challenge.  I was always looking for ways to improve what I do.  Just the thought of flipping open a binder of materials I have offered up to my students for the past 10 years makes me feel unmotivated and uninspired.   Being in the final stages of my teaching career, as I know it anyway, does not seem to be a reason to coast, rather an opportunity to learn more, share more, collaborate more and grow more.

As I head into 2018, I realize how many things I have to be grateful for and feel inspired to renew many of those things.

Things I plan to renew in 2018:

  • My relationship with my husband and children.
  • My visits to the public library.
  • My gratitude for the life I have.
  • My time spent with my creative self.
  • My love of fitness and focused physical challenges.
  • My bucket list-so many exciting things I still want to do.
  • My writing self especially on my blog.
  • My time spent with my parents.
  • My desire to be outside of the box or maybe take the box down totally.

I am sure I will have the joy of finding other things to renew along my path through 2018.  I hope you will join me!



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