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Finding My Focus

Sometimes school breaks come at the most needed times.  Walking away from the daily expectations and allowing ourselves to just take a moment to enjoy life without the adding stress of work is rejuvenating, to say the least.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I love my job!

There are so many reasons why I love what I do, starting with my students of course.  When people ask me what I do and I reply that I am principal of an elementary school, they react with shock usually and provide sympathy.  I have to wonder why because I think what would surprise these people the most is how many times a day I laugh right out loud at the silly things my students do and say.  We have a lot of fun together.

The second reason would be the strong team of people I work with every day.  Again, we have a lot of fun together, but they are truly the most amazing people who are working hard each and every day to do what is right for our students.  When I spend time wandering around our school, I see the most amazing things!

The next reason would be the rest of our school team including our parents, families and extended community.  The amount of support we receive each day is overwhelming and amazing.  It takes a community to raise a child and we certainly are grateful to be part of a strong one.

I could go on with my list, but I will not at this point.  The topic of this post is about finding my focus, so I need to move on.  The week leading up to the break was a tough one.  Nothing major, just a lot of small things that left me feeling defeated and like I was not doing a very good job by the end of the week.  I was trying to juggle all the balls coming at me, but it seemed I was dropping quite a few.

I spent the first few days of my break with my family.  We ate some good food and had some fun together.  What a treat!  There is nothing that makes a mother feel better than seeing her children happy and settled in their lives. The rest of the week was spent on my usual reality TV, watching Olympics, reading, cleaning and getting ready for next week.

This morning I hung out on #leadupchat twitter chat.  This is one chat worth getting out of bed for on a Saturday.  I feel like the support I get from this group of inspiring individuals is just the glue I needed to jump back in and get moving.

My focus had been lost in my negative mindset.  I know better, but even so, I let the negative take over.

Some of the things I was reminded of this morning are all the things I have to be grateful for including all the reasons I love my job. I was reminded to keep my eye on “why” we do what we do.  I was reminded I do not have to do it all.  I was reminded that it was okay to feel overwhelmed and make mistakes.  I was also reminded that it was important to be true to myself and be authentic and my staff would appreciate that I can admit mistakes and move on. I was reminded to let go of what I cannot control and focus on the things I can.

So, lucky me as I start fresh into a new week.  It is Student Appreciation Week at Pleasantdale School and my focus is on the important things.  I might drop a few balls, but I will pick them up, get them in the air and keep juggling.

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