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Before I Walk Out the Door

I am sitting at my desk in a very quiet school on the last day in June.  I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.  The crying part is just becomes I am ridiculously tired I think.  I was just reading some PGP reflections my teachers posted on their blogs and thinking about the growth that happened in our school this year, not just by our students and that was huge, but also my our teachers.

I have said many times before that teaching truly is the best and most difficult job a person can do.  There are so many rewarding moments and so many moments that can bring you to tears.  The exhaustion at the end of a busy day or busy week is like no other.  At the same time those little funny moments when a student makes you laugh right out loud at the silly thing they just said or when you see that moment of finally understanding something after the struggle, make this the best job.

It is a rewarding feeling I have as I reflect in this solitary moment about our team of dedicated staff. It makes me feel so lucky as an administrator.  We do not always see eye to eye and I know I pressure some to move out of their comfortable spaces and try new things.  I hope they know the pressure comes from the spot of wanting to do what is good for students.  At the same time I am amazed as well, by the ease some have to take off and run despite of the things I do or say.  One of things I have learned this year, both in my classroom and as an administrator, is that if I get out of the way and provide the right amount of support, great things will happen.

I want to wish all my staff and every teacher, support staff and school administrator a wonderful and restful summer! You deserve every minute of it!


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