About me

My name is Michelle Smart and I live in Estevan, Saskatchewan. I am the principal of Pleasantdale Elementary School.  We have a student population of approx. 205 students. This fall I am back in the classroom teaching grade 6 ELA and Health for the third year.  I love being in the classroom working with students and learning right along with them.  I also think it is such great fun to learn right along with the rest of the teachers in the school as we all learn together.

My family

I am married and have 3 children, Taylor, who is 24, Cassy who is 23 and Nate, who just turned 19. We live on an acreage about 5 miles out of the city and spend quite a bit of time working on the many, many jobs that still need to be done.   We enjoy spending time in the outdoors

My 3 children


I have many things that I like to do in my spare time: read, both professionally and for fun, follow blogs, spend a lot of time on Twitter,  watch reality TV, run on the indoor track and spend time with my children.   The problem is, just like everyone else, I do not have a lot of time for these things.

Fishing with the family

I also love to travel, especially to hot destinations where I can soak up the sun.  Saskatchewan does not give me enough heat in the winter or the summer.

I am very passionate about the education of children.  I try to work with my staff to promote educational excellence and pedagogy that engages children in the learning process.  I strongly believe in giving students opportunities to ask their own questions and be in charge of their own learning.  I am lucky to work with a staff that believes in all of our students and works hard to provide them with opportunities for growth.

My husband Ralph and I in Mexico

As a learner,  I am both active and reflective.  The thing that makes my learning curve go off the chart would have to be trying new things. I  enjoy being just out of my element and love the satisfaction of figuring something out and having it be successful.