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The Longer We Wait…

The longer you wait, the scarier it gets. I think we have all felt this way some time in our lives. Right now we are making a huge and scary jump in our school to digital portfolios for all. Staff first and students in the fall. As a first step toward this goal we met… Continue reading The Longer We Wait…

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Seek the Possibilities. Now!

I have done a lot of thinking lately about innovation in education.  What does that really mean?  How can I model that?  What does that really look like? I am inspired this morning by the book, “Future Driven,” by David Geurin.  I have just barely started reading the book and already the same questions are… Continue reading Seek the Possibilities. Now!

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My Reading Identity

I believe I might drive people around me crazy with my talk of books.  I am always collecting books, reading books, talking about books and sharing books.  Reading is such an important aspect of my life, I just can't help myself. I am inspired to write this post by my latest book, "Passionate Readers," written… Continue reading My Reading Identity


Grade 7 Health Challenge

We are the grade 7 class at Pleasantdale School in room 118.  We are trying to raise awareness of health issues and promote healthy lifestyles to other people our age.  We each researched a topic and made a podcast. Please listen to our podcasts. Unhealthy Eating-Angelle Suicide-Chelsea Exercising-Emily  Bulimia- Taylor Victoria-Bullying Logan-Video Games and Television… Continue reading Grade 7 Health Challenge



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