Venting about my Kia!

I am totally using this opportunity to vent about something in my personal life that has nothing to do with school or courses!  I guess I am allowed to do that once in a while.  I am sorry to those of you that drive a Kia out there and love them, I do mean hate, the word might not be strong enough.

I have had a Kia Sedona van for a few years now.  I won’t even go into this weird trade in thing my father in law does in our family.  We rarely pick out our own vehicle.  He picks out a new one for himself and sells the old one to one of his children.  I know weird, but true!  Really that has nothing to do with why I hate it so much.

I did not start my relationship with hate…as a matter a fact I quite liked it when I got it.  This past winter, however, I thought the brakes felt a bit weird when I was coming home one night after picking my son up from hockey practice.  I went in the house and told my husband he would have to drive me to work the next morning, so that I could get the brakes looked at.  The next morning, my husband hopped in the van and went to back it over the our shop to pick up something and the wheel totally fell off the van!  Yes, you heard me correctly it fell right off and was laying on the ground.  Now even the old clunker I used to drive in university didn’t do that.

Now I could mention that I transported many children in the van only 2 days before.  I was bringing my own 11-year-old son home in the van, only one night before.  Not to mention the times I was coming and going on my own at 110 km.

Kia Canada felt that this was totally normal and since we did not purchase our tires from them, there was nothing that they would do.  That was helpful.

The story does not end there of course, because every time I feel a little shimmy or hear a little noise I am nervous about being near death.

Last Sunday I could all of a sudden feel the van bouncing up and down.  Every little bump on the road sent it into waves of motion, and trust me there are a lot of bumps on the road in Estevan, but that is a topic for another post.  As it turns out my shocks have gone as well as a front ball joint.

I have never driven a vehicle that had so many problems!  My last vehicle was a Toyota Avalon that I drove until it had over 250 000 km and  I never did anything but routine maintenance.  Well, I guess I know that means for me…Toyota here I come!  I only hope I can keep my wheels on until I get there.