Taming the technology beast!

Does anyone else ever feel like their on-line world is getting out of control?  I am starting to feel like my bookmarks have created a life of their own.  I have so many projects on the go and for every project it seems like I have 100 ideas and 100 links.  When I first started to use Delicious for bookmarking last term in ECI 831, I did not think that I would use it that much and did not always take the time to tag properly, thinking that I could easily find a bookmark in a page or two.

Boy was I wrong…   my technology world exploded and now I have book marks everywhere. Every time I go on the web, reading and looking, I find at least one or two more sites that I would like to check out.

Last Friday, my technology consultant graciously agreed to sit down with me and help me put some organizational structure into my tech life.  He showed me how to properly tag my delicious bookmarks.  He also had me download a free add on for Delicious that allows me to automatically tag an address and offers suggestions for tags that I might use for organizational purposes.  He helped me set up an optional sidebar that lists my tags and my bookmarks.

Wow, I could not believe how much better that felt.  Of course I would still have to go back through my previous bookmarks and add tags, but at least it started to tame the beast.

We spent some time working on my blog site as well and he helped my get some RSS feeds going and add some links on to my site, so that I could automatically go to my favorite blogs.

I know that for most of you this is probably not that astounding, but for me it was very helpful and gave me a new outlook on life.

If I had any advice to give right now, I would say don’t underestimate the power of a tag and take the time to tag  carefully and it will save a lot of time in the future.

I am always open to help and suggestions, so if anyone has any advice for me, I would be happy to have it.